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June 19, 2007
Back Home In Tragic City
Posted at 11:20 PM


Some sadness: It turns out, after many travels, adventures and shutter snaps, I went and lost my trusty Digi-Elph camera.

Comeplete with a ton of Bonnaroo shots from our adventure down in Tennessee.

Shots like,

01. The Bonnaroo dust
02. Holding on to Wayne Coyne backstage and pumping our fists in solidarity.
03. Dual “Thumbs Ups” with Steven Drozd.
04. Hippies in disarray.
05. Piles of people, sweating, bloated, hot and deadlooking.
06. The Lips at midnight, and all madness therein.
07. Some fist-pumping stage shots of the Hold Steady.
08. The Nashville Skyline lte sunday night.
09. Airplane wings.

I can’t tell you how bummed I am about this. I never lose shit, and, pride myself on “keeping it all together in the heat of battle when I am on the road. Fuck.

- - - -

An open letter to someone in Tennessee:

Dear Whoever’s Got It,

Enjoy it.



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