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May 27, 2007
Posted at 08:28 AM


Tons of people showed up. Ran out of beer. Ran out of food. Didn’t run out of love. Never will.

Here’s a shot of Cory Grove and dad, together again. Facts are stubborn things: Sometimes you are just meant to be with together.

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Sorrrrry we miss the party of the year, what 2000 miles is a better excuse than that rotten Jay Floyd(probably watching porn all day). Never fear, Maybe moving to P-town in as little as a month so be prepared. Want more pictues of drunken debotchery.Love always.

Posted by: Noah and Naomi on 05/28/07 at 12:13 PM
Posted by: Nunez on 05/28/07 at 1:31 PM
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