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Draplin Design Co., North America
May 28, 2007
Scenes From A Get-Together
Posted at 09:33 AM


01. “The Draplin Family and a Beck Haas getting down to business.”
02. “June, Kurtie and a couple of rad kids from Chicago.”
03. “Little Phoebe practiced walking.”
04. “The Baker Family and a Welsh discussing C-section photos.”
05. “Chris Coyle has a assload of good times.”
06. “Maia and Pablo.”
07. “Some serious Ally-ance showed up to keep things tough.”
08. “Matt Kass took a break from making gloves.”
09. “Nicole and Leigh.”
10. “Get-Together landscape.”
11. “Grub.”
12. “Vin and Dad, together at last.”
13. “A packed kitchen. A packed house.”
14. “Nothing was stolen with Dark Forrest on the scene. Nothing.”
15. “Some wreckage.”
16. “More wreckage.”
17. “Last bit of wreckage.”

Special thanks to everyone who showed up. Means a lot to me.

- - - -

Snowboard Mag’s coverage of the DDC Get-Together.

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Cory Grove’s coverage of the deal.

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