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Headed over to that coast to show off some Oregon to mom, dad, Sarah, Leigh, Maja and a Evan Rose.

01. “That bridge over to Washington.”
02. “Dad, escaping the river’s fury.”
03. “That big column.”
04. “Rose and Maja: Column Climbers.”
05. “Hell of a view from up there.”
06. “A ship etched into stone.”
07. “Junkin’ in Astoria: Should bought this.”
08. “A Goonies house.”
09. “A big ocean.”
10. “Maritime Gary.”
11. “Leigh, meet the Pacific Ocean. Pacific Ocean, meet Leigh.”
12. “That old shipwreck.”
13. “Seaside wash-up color study.”
14. “Maja: Not down with getting her picture taken.”
15. “Eva: Not down with anything good.”
16. “Arch rock exploits.”
17. “Leigh, looking over the edge.”
18. “Some beautiful Oregon coast.”

There Are 4 Comments

crappy views like that shot of the coast. make me glad i don’t live in oregon.

Posted by: derek d on 05/30/07 at 6:50 PM

yeah, derek, I totally second that.

Posted by: Natalie on 05/31/07 at 4:35 AM

Mmm…Eberhar Faber! I used to draw with those crayons when I was a kid…

Posted by: Jen on 06/01/07 at 10:01 AM

Dope photos you took there Draplin. Especially #16.

Posted by: Jamie Pulley on 06/08/07 at 7:58 PM
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