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Our final day of the Hoss, Hoss and Hoss Appalachia Tour.

296. “Blast layers.”
297. “Up through the mountains.”
298. “Carey.”

West Virginia’s motto is: “Open For Business.” Hmmm.

The backwoods. We saw just about every kind of homestead known to Appalachia on this stretch. Shacks, trailer homes, barns, dead houses, decaying homesteads. Middle of nowhere, and every 100 yards was another little homestead with junked cars lined up, various barnyard animals milling about and a single plume of smoke rising out of a chimney.

We came up on this little bar, somewhere remote. A sad little town. This is where people went to relax. Hmmm:

299. “A watering hole.”
300. “Must be 21 to enter.”
301. “Sign your full name…”

Hungry, we found Dorothy’s restaurant to chow down. We pulled up, secured the car and walked in. We were greeted with cold stares and dead silence. Like something out of a movie. Real cold and awkward. We saddled up to the counter and after a couple minutes, put our order in. Some 45 minutes later our half-ass meals showed up. It was interesting to see other people who came in after us, get served before us. Hmmm. Must’ve been my omelette that screwed things up.

There were three mechanics sitting to our right. Each time I’d look up, one of them would be staring us down. Real comfortable.

302. “Diner signage.”
303. “Clandestine diner photoshoot: My seat.”
304. “Purity.”

We raced back to Louisville via smooth sailing interstates. Passed up Lexington with little thought. Got into town, ate some indian food at a little joint on Bardstown road, kittycorner to the Doo Wop Shop. (Nice website, you dicks.)

We rounded out the night with a couple cold ones at the Monkey Wrench Bar, some loose talk with the ever-fascinating Lolleyland, a couple handshakes with these guys and date with a futon in PJ’s spare room. That was pretty much it.

There Are 6 Comments

You are so right…
No one in Kentucky would wear *gasp* “jeans”
Or have some of their “kin” with them. LMAO Are you for real?? OH my GOD I can’t believe someone stared at you. You make it sound like you were bent over and told to squeal like a pig. LOL

Posted by: Rhonda on 04/25/07 at 6:30 PM

im a long time customer of this place and in my experience, the only time people were givin a look of any kind is when they make a scene of some sort, im thinking from reading all of your comments this is the case if you would have made any warm or friendly comment to any one one you would have recieved it back 10 fold if you doubt me try it if im wrong ill pay 4 your meal

Posted by: popeye on 04/27/07 at 10:44 AM

Just a couple of points I’d like to address.
If any time in the future, you plan on visiting here again, how about an informed tour of our small community. I would be more than glad to oblige. A quick drive through hardly qualifys as an informed opinion.
And the comments about the town “looker” and children were just mean.
Everyone has the right to there own opinion, but at the expense of others? “I” find that rather distasteful.

Posted by: Barbara on 04/27/07 at 6:50 PM

Some words about the Dorothy’s lunch:

- - - - - - - - - - -


Thanks for the comment.

I agree. The things I said were mean and just sorta uncalled for, but, it’s all meant to be taken with a grain of salt. My site claims lots of “loose talk” so, you please sort of understand the cynicism and sarcasm in my writing.

First off, I sure wouldn’t claim an “informed opinion” on really too much of anything, especially a quick drive through Appalachia.

My experience there was just really uncomfortable. Maybe the gal was having a hard day? Maybe we were too odd looking? We walked in, quietly, sat down, and sat. And sat. And sat. Then they took our order and we sat for another 45 minutes or something. Not my idea of hospitality. Others came in after us and got their meals before us. Hmmm.

A couple of fellas there were eyeballing us pretty hard too. We weren’t making any loud noises or roughhousing or anything, just talking quietly. Each time I’d look up, I’d get the stare down. Pretty weird.

So I vented some.

I apologize for the offensive remarks. Just some observations, if anything, not handled the best way on my site.



Posted by: Draplin on 05/03/07 at 12:56 PM


I took the rambling, mean-spirited words down from the post. I apologize for saying them, and, honestly, didn’t mean to be “mean” or “condescending.” It was just loose talk, and, random venting that sounded really petty and immature in hindsight.

Please accept my apology.


Posted by: Draplin on 05/03/07 at 1:04 PM

Thankyou Aaron for the sincerity in your words. No more apologys necessary. You handled the situation with finesse. I wish you well in your travels.

Barbara,aka Jez64

Posted by: Barbara on 05/05/07 at 1:17 PM
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