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Chris Creamer’s sports logos.
Awesome name, man. I mean, hell, I don’t give a rat’s ass about sports for the most part, but do get sucked into the occasional World Series battle or basketball finals. No big whup.

Great, great and really great.

Things were just better then, graphically, at least.

- - - -

From Cory Grove, comes a clue, and a photo, and some loose coordinates: Somewhere in the state of Nevada, on the side of the road, rests this treasure.

We intend to scour the state to rescue it. It’s a big state. Really.

- - - -

Supper with the folks, and their friends:

331. “Supper.”
332. “The woman who went through 26 hours of labor, just for me.”
333. “Linda.”
334. “Freddy.”
335. “The man who gave me life.”
336. “A local pauper, feeling no shame, ever.”

- - - -

Vonnegut’s rules for the short story. (via somewhere down the line at BoingBoing.)

- - - -

Some magnificent trees. One of our favorites: General Sherman.

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