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Draplin Design Co., North America
January 16, 2007
Posted at 11:52 AM


This just in: We contributed a sticker to Urban Outfitter’s “My City” sticker collection.

They’ll be printing like, a million of the things, and they’ll be in all those stores, in all the little bohemian shopping neighborhoods of our fine nation. We’re fine with that.

Click through the little mini site to see my offering, as well as Hoss’, Adam Michaels’ and Andy Beach’s.

- - - -

Those are pals from my MCAD days. Talented gentleman.

Hoss just moved to Louisville and we’ll wager, in no time, he’ll be tangled up with some small-framed broad, shooting pictures of old stuff and holding a couple of Japanese cats. A brother. Broke the mold on this one.

Adam Michaels makes a really smart brand of graphic arts out there in New York. Good stuff. Dig through their site for moments of brilliance. One time I saw him shred with a punk band and it changed the way I saw him, as, he was going nuts, and, is pretty cool and collected otherwise.

Andy Beach, pride of Taylor, does fun type (and prob’ly tons of other stuff) for the Urban Outfitters unit in Philly. He’s got a little one and a little lady and a big house and big dreams. One of our favorites from our time at MCAD. Pure hell.

- - - -

Tons of amazing 78 rpm labels. Beautiful. Clicked through all of them and was blown away.

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gonna need you to mail a few of those to me. i want some but, will not be in stump town any time soon. thanks.

Posted by: derek d on 01/17/07 at 10:47 AM

That record label site is the “Catz Ass!”
and I don’t mean like cat buttz from Taco Time!

Posted by: jerms on 01/18/07 at 10:15 AM
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