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January 02, 2007
Los Angeles/Long Beach Dreamz
Posted at 11:00 PM


Flew back from my Los Angeles weekend earlier this afternoon.

Way into lists lately, so, here’s our “Paradise City” list:

01. Hiked Huntington Gardens with Arlie and Em and Em’s mum.
02. Saw a Gutenberg bible there. Heavy. Literally.
03. Criss-crossed Pasadena multiple times.
04. Breathed in the cool air of the Angeles forest. Big.
05. Gazed down upon the sprawl of SoCal.
06. Met a Circle Jerk.
07. Rang in the New Year with some Flaming Lips.
08. Then raced up to Silver Lake to see Chavez’s last couple songs
09. Ate a big hunk of chicken at Spain.
10. Walked downtown Long Beach.
11. Spilled the guts to Jared in his big loft.
12. “Did business” with Chief at the Program.
13. Had a big plate of Wahoo’s, got full, wanted to go back.
14. Hung with the Evan Rose.
15. Had a giant schooner of beer at some hole-in-the-wall bar.
16. Went to a Room and Board, and was “lukewarm at best” about it.
17. Met like 90 of Arlie’s closest friends. Phew.
18. Got to know Echo Park some.
19. Met a Broadway dancer.
20. Missed Gary.
21. Thought about Frank Gehry.
22. Met a Dan Monick. Minneapolis!
23. Got my face thrashed off by Earthless.
24. Slept on two different couches, and well.
25. Lost my ass at the Bicycle, a couple times. Fuck.

Thanks to Rose, Maja, Donny, Chief, Arlie, Jared and other luminaries of Southern California.

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Hey man, how was Chavez? Retirees or rockers?

Posted by: Vince on 01/04/07 at 1:45 PM

Beautiful pictures Aaron. Got me all misty eyed about my time down in SoCal.

Posted by: Jamie Pulley on 01/19/07 at 1:52 PM
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