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Draplin Design Co., North America


The cover of the new Union Binding Company catalog. We’ve had them back from the printer for some time now, and will unleash them at the Vegas SIA Tradeshow in a couple weeks. A Spot UV and everything. Proud.

- - - -

My sister Sarah is flying in tomorrow. My little sister. One time, moons ago, on our way up to bed, running up the stairs, well, I grabbed her foot. She bailed and hit her chin on the wood steps. Tears. Car ride. Emergency room. Stitches. Apologies. Scar.

Sorry, sis, some 28 (ulp.) years later.

- - - -

Lot of fun stuff here. Nice site, too.

- - - -

An old buddy from my time at Snowboarder Magazine: Andy Gilmore.

Wild stuff. Beautiful. Worth many looks. Think about the muscles under yer skin, man.

- - - -


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You should still be apoligizing for that…..now, I get this lovely stray black hair that comes out of that scar - and, every time I have to deal with it, I get to think of you!!!!


I have a three hour layover in Seattle tomorrow - I am not going to check my luggage and try to fly standby on an earlier flight - I will call you later today to make sure you can pick me up earlier. :)

Posted by: Sarah on 01/10/07 at 3:46 AM

The cover is beautiful.

Posted by: Chris on 01/10/07 at 9:28 AM
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