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January 01, 2007
DDC In 2007!
Posted at 12:00 AM


2006: Thank you.

01. Enjoyed another year on 67th Avenue.
02. Kept Gary alive all year long.
03. Walked all over London.
04. Got hammered and danced along to those Lips.
05. Met Wayne Coyne in Bend.
06. Met Wayne Coyne again in St. Paul.
07. Enjoyed many cool, summer nights.
08. Saw mom and dad a number of times.
09. Slayed the Midwest on the third annual DDC Fall Tour.
10. Witnessed some Michaylira’s tie the knot in Banff.

11. Ate schnitzel in Munich.
12. Lost my ass in Vegas.
13. Went snowboarding in Whistler. Imagine that.
14. Missed Kris.
15. Reached the 1000th post on the DDC Online Deal.
16. Saw a Mariners ballgame with Ryno and Kurtie.
17. Managed to keep the clients somewhat happy all year long.
18. Successful suprise attack on Michigan in May.
19. Saw friends bring new little friends into the world. Awesome.
20. Wondered about how one might go about “getting a wife.”

21. Played the D-35 all year long.
22. Played those drums a bunch too.
23. Enjoyed a mountain of books, discs and trinkets.
24. Did my best to keep the ranch clean.
25. Hung in Long Beach, a couple times.
26. Gazed out over the Ohio, Mississippi, Hudson and Missouri Rivers.
27. Thumped along to Shellac.
28. Got lost in Chicago.
29. Fell in love with cities like Pittsburgh, Kansas City and Cincinnati.
30. Made a good, honest living, and saved a ton of it.

31. Quietly launched some FIELD NOTES to our colleague network.
32. Paid respects at Ground Zero and Gettysburg.
33. Met a million new friends.
34. Kept shit cool with Uncle Sam and those beastly quarterlies.
35. Paid off Big S. In full.
36. Was mustached, all year long. Gross.
37. Acquired many new treasures for the household. So good.
38. Fell in love with Gary, that much more.
39. Made a magazine.
40. Launched a peaceful brand.

41. Made hats.
42. Made bindings.
43. Made gloves.
44. Printed things.
45. Sent things.
46. Read like 20 books or something.
47. Watched/listened to all sorts of wild tv programs.
48. Made it to 33.
49. Marveled at matters of science, and love.
50. Supported local bands.

51. Donated loot to charity, whenever I could.
52. Wore out my 501s.
53. Installed a killer fence out back to contain the G-Unit.
54. Tuned into Coast To Coast AM many a night.
55. Used the alarm clock but only a couple times.
56. Called the shots.
57. Gave thanks to the whatever force that guides us.
58. Got goosebumps during “Race For The Prize” three times.
59. Saw family in Detroit.
60. Made friends in Pittsburgh.

61. Escaped from New York.
62. Toured the Martin Guitar factory. Good wood.
63. Spotted a Farrar in St. Louis.
64. Played “catch” at the Field of Dreams.
65. Stocked up on Gocco supplies.
66. Enjoyed my Aeron chair. Thanks B!
67. Kept things level.
68. Slept wayyyyy in.
69. Stayed up reallllll late.
70. Got dirty and stinky.

71. Got clean.
72. Saw Buckner in St. Louis.
73. Caught a couple Juno night in Seattle.
74. Enjoyed the Portland rain.
75. Referenced “Gary” way too many times/
76. Bit the shit out of my fingernails in heated moments.
77. Gave thanks for so many good years with Big S.
78. Bought the best laptop loot could buy, and enjoyed it.
79. Settled a monster 30 inch monitor. Yowza.
80. Swore like a sailor.

81. Got humbled.
82. Met beautiful, beautiful girls.
83. Enjoyed the power and precision of the new 30 D.
84. Trudged through snow in Canada.
85. Hiked through leaves in Indiana.
86. Slept on the side of the road in Nebraska.
87. Got my first tour of the United Nations.
88. Felt great shame about the whole George Bush thing.
89. Watched barbarians fight it out in Bend. Gross.
90. Fought Ryno and won.

91. Watched a ton of amazing documentaries.
92. Absolutely loved Nacho Libre. So good. Bought the DVD.
93. Thought about Abe Lincoln an awful lot.
94. Got freaked out by how fast the year went by.
95. Devised ways to slow shit down.
96. Said, “Aw fuck it,” and went with my heart.
97. Realized that everyone, someday, will die.
98. Geeked out on the finer points of beauty of kraft paper.
99. Painted the rooms.
100. Gave thanks for a good life.

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I read through all of these and I don’t even know who you are. One hell of a list. I would like to see 200 for 2007, please.

Posted by: ryan ullery on 01/03/07 at 7:38 AM

You had a good year.

Posted by: angela on 01/04/07 at 1:47 PM
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