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Draplin Design Co., North America
December 11, 2006
Up In Seattle, Working On Coal
Posted at 11:18 PM

Did a little window shopping with Brad from Coal, some lunch-eating at Silent Heart Nest and hung out for the day, catching up on everything. Much-needed face time.

- - - -

Even got a chance to hit up Utility, Inc. and the Department of Energy to see Styk and meet all his colleagues. Quite a group. Quite a space. Utility makes tradeshow booths. Big stuff like that. They design them up, then build them, then ship them. So impressive.

We got a tour of the joint, and got to see the shop where they build everything. I had a million ideas seeing all those tools, capabilities and materials. All sorts of cool stuff being build, in all sorts fo stages. Lots to look at. Tons of space. South Seattle, in the industrial zone.

Styk’s D.O.E. is taking on more and more print and identity stuff, beefing up that side of the business. All good, all of it.

Hell, even got to see Fank for a sec, too. A champion. Very high-ranking member of the DDC Pro Team.

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