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December 04, 2006
Sunday Nothings
Posted at 11:57 PM


Our Sunday List:

01. Played some drums.
02. Tried to learn “Heart of Gold” on my harmonica, while strumming.
03. Tried to sleep in.
04. Worked a bunch.
05. Set up my new ’60s credenza.
06. Drilled some holes into old wood.
07. Threaded cords and shit through that hole.
08. Watched King King, in awe.
09. Worked some more of fucking cutthroat projects.
10. Made a couple mean sandwiches over the course of the day.

Some turmoil, too: Jay Farrar was in town and Fred was itchin’ to go see the show. I just couldn’t do it. Shit, the guy’s one of my absolute favorite musicians and, his shows are just too, uh, “painful.” The last time I saw him on stage was last summer with Son Volt. Fred and I went and it was tough to make it through. The guy just looks bored and, hell, I guess I want to be entertained on some weird level. Love those tunes, but not the live experience. Goddamn Farrar.

There is One Comment

Did you mean King Kong? If so, ‘twas great. Speaking from experience, though, don’t ever take your mother to see it on Christmas Eve. You’ll ruin Christmas.

Posted by: null on 12/11/06 at 4:41 PM
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