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Draplin Design Co., North America
November 19, 2006
Sunday Clipping Pathery
Posted at 11:55 AM


Coal headwear makes a lot of hats. Tons of them. No one knows this better than Lovejoy. That little fucker is locked in a nasty cage match with a hard drive full of hats that need to be clipped. Don’t envy him or his mouse fingers.

We predict and especially nasty case of “clipper’s claw” that we’ll have to tend to soon enough. Does the DDC have “workman’s comp”? Gotta look into that one. Will have to revisit our ever-changing company charter.

Hang in there, brother.

- - - -

HunterGatherer has still got it. Love this stuff. Been following it all since way back when with their Green Lady goodness.

- - - -

Watched a very sobering account of the gang wars in Little Rock, Arkansas. One side is red. One side is blue. Battling over respect. Very sad.

The best part of cable tv, pretty much: HBO Docs.

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No need for workman’s comp, Lovejoy simply needs a wacom tablet. Completely eliminates clipper’s claw and makes for snappy illustrations. Use of pointer fingers are appreciated.

Posted by: Jessie Lu on 11/19/06 at 2:19 PM

Better him than me.

Posted by: soli on 11/19/06 at 7:54 PM
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