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November 18, 2006
Saturday, and Right Back At It
Posted at 11:38 PM


It’s Coal time, and, shit, that’s about it. Catalogs. Shit’s looking real good.

- - - -

PJ sent the treasured photo above. That’s Lovejoy and I in Chicago, moments before hitting the road south down towards “everywhere else.”

Here’s a couple more candid moments from the “Presentation of Gary to PJ” that cool autumn night.

01. Undercarriage? Check.
02. Clean Mouth? Check.

- - - -

Went out for a nice supper with my friend Chloe tonight at a fancy place on Killingsworth called, ROUX.

Nice type on the menu, nice napkin graphics, nice plates of food, a stiff White Russian, show and tell and some trading of war stories from the past and present. Still full. Thank you.

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