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My new key “fob,” courtesy of Portland’s finest proprietress, Chloe Eudaly. Thank you.

- - - -

Still hammering on Coal’s catalog line. Shit’s coming together real good, so, yeah. Pretty excited to be rid of these beasts. Another day or so.

- - - -

Lovejoy got a new haircut for the winter. The DDC proudly administered.

01. “Looking sharp, buddy.”
02. “Fallout.”
03. “No comment.”

- - - -

Been listening to lots of television. Kinda dumb, but, passes the time pretty well with the projects. Documentaries are the best, poker coverage is the worst, but, whatever it takes to get me through the peaks and valleys of catalog time.

- - - -

Gigantically recommended for figuring out what kind of creature, or plant, or bug, or tree you might be wondering about: Golden Guide critter series. Click around the books and check some of the inner spreads to see what I’m gettin’ at.

James Gordon Irving illustrations, across the boards, and, all set in Futura Bold. Just like the old days. Perfect. I’ll take 1960 design any damn day over the new crap.

So far, I’ve got “Trees” and “Mammals.” Got my heart set on some “Spiders,” “Fossils,” and prob’ly some “Bats” too. Hell, I want all of them.

Read about them some here. I wish I had the originals. Damn.

- - - -

Bad, bad girls.

And badass bikers, too. Rogues. I love this link.

Sturgill sent these in to us. I’ve seen ‘em somewhere in my web travels, but, that exact time escapes my head. Thanks, man for refreshing the bad side of our head.

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I stumbled upon this today, thought you’d appreciate it. Lower right, under “Fleeting Comments”. Mad props:


Posted by: Aaron on 11/30/06 at 10:45 AM

Interesting what you can learn about nature in those guides. Oh, and about power boats and sports cars, too, apparently. Just kinda thrown in the mix. Hallucinogenic plants, also. Somethin’ fer everyone.

Posted by: ty on 11/30/06 at 11:57 AM
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