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Did a little work, hung with Gary, readied the rig for western departure monday morning.

- - - -

Highlight of the day was seeing The Departed in the Clifton neighborhood. I liked it, pretty much. Had me on the edge of the seat for the whole movie, which was good. Interesting ending.

I guess seeing people do the “Boston thing” is just really irksome to me. Boston’s horseshit macho bravado deal is just really…uh…dumb. Yawn. I’ve seen it firsthand a couple times. “I’m from Baw-ston, so fuck you…” Blah blah blah. Keep it on the East Coast, turd.

Lots of overacting. Lots of it. Marky Mark especially. Everything that came out of his mouth was painful. Just not into that guy at all. Come to think about it, he was good in Boogie Nights, but, that’s it. Or, wait, maybe not.

I remember one time in Hollywood, at the Mondrian Hotel, I saw him walk by. I was trapped in LA for a week on a Nixon watches work trip. There was some big MTV thing going down that night, and for whatever reason, tons of stars were staying at the hotel.

And in walks Marky Mark. The way he carried himself was amazing. He pulled up in some Ferrari or something, threw the keys to the valet and walked in like he owned the fucking place. So arrogant. I was astounded and laughed out loud. He had on a flimsy little track suit, with some gigantic watch and brand new Nike dunks. Ha. Some floozy was at his side. He had this air to him that was just….fucked.

So Marky Marky, bite me.

- - - -

Saying goodbye to the Midwest tomorrow. Special thanks to Renee for the hospitality this weekend. You are golden.

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