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I have hope again. A smidge.

Hopefully, the imperial, idiotic reign/regime of Bush will finally have some opposition to steer them. Hopefully.

For the record: Fuck George Bush. And all his puppeteers too.

Enough is enough.

- - - -

So with the Democratic shift, let’s cross some fingers that some good will come out of it. This comes to mind: “The lesser of two evils.” Have to wonder if ANY good will come out of Washington anytime soon.

It warms my heart to see some of those turds on their way out. Finally.

Driving across America these last couple months, you see the stickers in support of Bush. “Sportsmen for Bush” and “Parents for Bush” and “Anti-Seminists for Bush” and “Bigots for Bush” and “Superstitionists for Bush” and my favorite, “Dumb Fucks Scared Into Voting For Bush.”

I can’t help but just laugh when I think about the last bunch of years. That’s what is has come to for me. I’m done with being mad about their ways, now, it’s just funny to me. I’ve given up. I got a life to try to lead, right? I mean, here we are in modern times, getting blatantly lied to and ran around and forced to rally around a flag and…well…we haven’t learned from history enough I guess. These people on top are monsters, and, man, are driving this country to a bad place.

Down with Bush.

- - - -


Out of Lawrence, and out into those great plains. “Plain,” alright. I got no beef with the Dakotas, Nebraska, Kansas or Oklahoma. None at all. I like the smooth sailing aspect. You can just point it and haul ass. Those states are good for “making good time” across the nowherelands.

I like thinking about all the little lives that inhabit the seemingly “middle of nowhere” places. So many little lives and stories. Happiness, sadness. Like to think about the spectrum of life out there in those plains.

- - - -

We drove all day. Got across Kansas and into Colorado as the sun was setting.

519. “Lovejoy, Co-Pilot.”

There ain’t shit from the Colorado border up until Denver. Always forget this. Some 200 miles of dark nothing surrounding us. We just split the country before us in half, slicing a path up towards Denver. The mile high city. We got within range to see the lights of the cityscape and took that tollroad up and around the perimeter of the city up towards Fort Collins.

Whipped past Boulder and thought about Snowboard’s new chapter. Whipped past Fort Collins and though about all the times I’d see Rod there. Good times. The night hour was late and we settled in

Cheyenne for the night at a Motel 6. Funny how sitting all day long can wear you out. Weird.

Gary is doing good in his little crate. Lovejoy is quite the co-pilot, taking over driving duties, navigating and sharing colorful tales from his 23 years of existence.

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