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More pondering about little Rosie.

Here’s the deal: I’ve made some big decisions in my lackluster life that were easier than deciding if I was gonna take this little hound out west with me. Bying my house was easier. Deciding to go “back to school” didn’t mess me up with bad.

I don’t think I can keep her. I want to bring another little hound into the picture at some point, but, not until Gary is ready. He’s just too wild, I think for another little shit to come into the fold. Kinda sad.

Renee agreed to find her a good home. We made a post and the calls started coming in instantly for her. Thank you.

- - - -

Saw this at a Borders Books. Wow. Issue one is out on the stands. Always cool to see.

513. Snowboard Magazine, Issue 0301

- - - -

The highlight of the day was having an “obedience session” with a dog trainer named Brad. Renee knew Brad for awhile and helped her out with her dogs. She made me an appointment and I agreed to get Gary some much-needed help.

Training dogs is this whole new world to me. Of course, you’ve heard all the wild details about my “bringing up” of the little G-Unit. We’ve overcome some big obstacles, and, are still battling some pretty basics issues. The little fucker explodes when there is a knock at the door. I mean, it’s a good thing to have him so protective and all, but, I gotta mellow the little shit out. It’s just too jarring to have him going as apeshit as he does, regularly.

I explained this to Brad and we worked on some basic commands, digging into the philosophy and psychology of training, dog life and pack mentality.

Tough stuff, I have to say. Exahausting. Gary has given me a run for my money. Fuck big happy dogs who learn 47 tricks in the first month of their life. Gary’s intellect and stubborness, combined with my roughhewn way of going about living have made for some interesting results in our little bond. I just want the best for him. Always have.

Fact of the matter is this: Gary’s staying with me, and that’s that. There’s just a couple things we need to come to terms over.

Thanks to Brad for the tips and time. I never thought I’d be barking at Gary. Wow. Interesting.

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