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November 30, 2006
Cory Grove Day
Posted at 11:37 PM


Horked this 1978 poster off this wonderful old lady’s design history Flickr collection. So good. Dig around here and be thankful that a 78-year-old is this amazing to dig up and maintain this stuff. Made my day. Much respect. (via Sturgill.)

- - - -


For all the wonderers, here’s some clarification for ya.

- - - -

Wrapping up that Coal wildness late tonight. Pretty damn excited.

Celebrated a little early with some grocery shopping. Felt good to leave the cockpit.

- - - -

Happy Birthday to Cory Grove.

Met up with a bunch of characters for a nice dinner at Portland’s sorta-famous Montage restaurant. I had some sort of veggie linguine. Not bad. Big pile of slop, pretty much. I’ve never really been into the food there, but kinda like the feel of the joint, and, those big murals by Gheena. High Cascade Eric introduced me to her years ago in the summer of 1995, when she was working on her “Last Supper” mural. Interesting.

I’ve heard some real stories about the wait staff there. Confrontations, arguments and more or less running people out the door. Heavy duty.

It was nice to see all the kids tonight. Happy Birthday to Cory, you little devil.

- - - -

If you see Cory’s Cobra Dogs stand around town, well, pull over and enjoy a tasty hot dog at a fair price.

Gary does a little promotional work for Cobra Dogs. Barely nothing, actually, but, he’s on their team, so, let’s get that straight.

- - - -

Figure out some color schemes: Adobe’s Kuler. Beautiful interface. Spent some time here messin’ around.

There Are 4 Comments

You are a true badass my friend. Thanks so much for coming out. that was a solid crew.

I’m thinking about that haircut. Love you man. (see, I say it when I am sober, also)

Posted by: Cory Grove on 12/01/06 at 10:48 AM


i knoticed you took me off your “friends” part of the website, crushed my friend, crushed.


thought you might like, i got the book, it’s dope…….. friend.

Posted by: prosser on 12/01/06 at 4:16 PM

Looking for any info about Gheena. BTW I’m pretty sure you are misusing horking.

Posted by: Amy Straight'Outta Compton on 04/11/09 at 2:58 PM

Horked does not mean stole. As it turns you horked the word hork ;) How old was gheena when you met her? (iow is there a chance she is dead?)

Posted by: Amy Compton on 04/11/09 at 4:56 PM
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