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November 10, 2006
Thankful For So Much
Posted at 11:58 PM


Made it back in one piece. Pretty thankful for the last 80 days.

Our third annual fall tour, completed, successful. A triumph. Man against nature. Man against America. So good.

Thankful for many, many things, places, moments and people:

01. For making it home in one piece, intact.
02. For the chance to see so much, for so long, all over the place.
03. For mom and dad’s hospitality while in Traverse City.
04. For lunch with Campbell, that rat-faced fuck.
05. For Megg hanging out with me in Detroit. Be strong, girl.
06. For the chance to see the family in Howell.
07. For Derek coming down to Pittsburgh to explore with me.
08. For Pittsburgh Christina for being an amazing guide.
09. For Primanti’s giving me some horrific indigestion. Barf.
10. For McMenamin’s hospitality in big city New York.

11. For supper with Tom and Beth up in Harlem.
12. For Benji meeting me at that bar in the lower east side.
13. For the Martin Guitar tour in Nazareth, Penn. Amazing.
14. For the hard looks in Allentown. Aw yeah. Much respect.
15. For the great state of Pennsylvania, it all its glory.
16. For Gettysburg, and all the ghosts that inhabit its battlefields.
17. For Shellac still being at it, and as fierce as ever.
18. For Mail Pouch barns, dotting the rural landscape.
19. For the patience of Brad, George, Kass and Baker, my clients.
20. For Cincinnati’s warehouses.

21. For Skyline Chili suddenly making Alpo look good.
22. For the drive along the Ohio River with RiddleMama.
23. For Todd and his American Sign Museum, for absolutely ruling.
24. For Chris Glass showing me woxy, directions and tips. A king.
25. For Renee Frye for showing me the town.
26. For road advice from Ryno, while caught in a bind.
27. For St. Louis, and all its wonders. Are there any?
28. For that big arch that greets you when you come east.
29. For Jay Farrar, Brian Henneman and Jeff Tweedy: St. Louisans.
30. For all the Abe Lincoln attractions acorss the Midwest.

31. For St. Louis’ Broadway Avenue warehouses.
32. For Snowboard Magazine, but ot for dragging me back.
33. For a couple good days in St. Louis, catching up on work.
34. For Cody Hudson welcoming me to Chicago.
35. For Jim Coudal and all at Coudal for being very Coudal.
36. For Ryno meeting up for some touring. A brother.
37. For the Field of Dreams, and the beautiful weather that day.
38. For Kansas City. All of it. I dig that town.
39. For Matt Stifler and his tour of KC. So good. Memorable.
40. For those old, sketchy West Bottoms. Treasures.

41. For KC’s “Power + Light Building.” The best.
42. For P.J. meeting up with us, mid-R.A.M.B.L,E
43. For making it to the peculiar age of 33, somewhat intact.
44. For a birthday enjoyed in the Midwest.
45. For a smooth catalog build with Union back in Portland.
46. For patience and excellence from Eric Knutsen with sites.
47. For my new Tivoli Audio radio. So nice.
48. For issue 0302 of Snowboard. We pulled it off, men.
49. For Cincinnati Renee for hospitaly and awesomeness.
50. For seeing/meeting those Flaming Lips in St. Paul.

51. For meeting little Bianca and Thelma.
52. For Lovejoy coming out and put up with 2700 miles with me.
53. For the Martin D-35, braving the road and climate changes.
54. For the Canon D30, and all megapixels within.
55. For the Elph 630, and all compacted megapixels within.
56. For the 15 inch MacBookPro. You saved my ass many times.
57. For Big S, you champion of the road. 15,000 miles!
58. For all components of the DDC Mobile Command Unit.
59. For the whole stretch of the state of Kansas.
60. For the Denver skyline.

61. For Gary Aleshire setting me up for the night at his pad.
62. For Twos and Mikey, and hospitality in Salt Lick City.
63. For good weather, for so many days.
64. For that Minneapolis skyline, late night.
65. For hotel room web connections.
66. For truckstop meals.
67. For cheap gas all throughout the Midwest.
68. For a new pair of Redwing boots.
69. For Duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-Dubuque.
70. For Gary and every hair on the little man. A brother.

71. For Natalie and Madeline, and dinner downtown.
72. For tips and tricks from friends via email, all over hell.
73. For Dinenna and the Lips hookup in St. Paul. Thanks.
74. For web support from Cameron in NYC.
75. For logistics support from Damien in NYC.
76. For Leah and Jacob, watching over the DDC Factory Floor.
77. For Richard Buckner in St. Louis, you old, grumpy giant.
78. For Portland, and being happy to come back to it.
79. For the DDC Factory Floor, for holding up so well.
80. For everyone who made this tour amazing, we thank you.

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Actually, there are 11 duh’s in Dubuque.


Posted by: Ryno on 11/12/06 at 4:46 PM

either i slipped into a coma, or my mac suddenly cannot refresh, but i swore you were d-e-d-dead or something, there had been so little updates. that said, welcome home, and ring me when you’re up for pie.

Posted by: april on 11/13/06 at 10:26 PM
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