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Worked all day. Had to. Been putting off too many projects for too long, and today, the shit hit the fan. Sent out ton of rounds to patient, waiting clients. Sorry, men, shit’s a little wild out here.

- - - -

Willy Vlautin’s new book, The Motel Life, seems to have made it’s way to being a real book. Awesome. Can’t wait to devour this one.

Willy’s from Richmond Fontaine; my favorite Portland band. I saw one of their first shows in 1995 and bought their little demo tape. Loved those songs, and wore that tape out good until it died a melted death in SoCal, left sitting in the hot sun on a back seat or something. Still sore about that one.

Doing a little research about the book, I came across these incredible illustrations by Portland’s own Nate Beaty, the guy behind Brainfag.

This link lets the cat out of the bag a bit graphically, but, sure doesn’t spoil Willy’s western tales of sadness, heartbreak, unemployment, petty crime, murder and wandering he’s so keen to detail. So good, and, sad. Made me homesick for the long drives in the lonesome west, just a smidge. It’s so big out there.

Can’t wait to get my own copy.

Some more Portland stuff from Nate. I do love that town. Really. Especially when it’s wet and gray. My favorite.

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Posted by: Michael Story on 10/02/06 at 12:43 PM
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