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Proud to report this one: Wrapped the magazine today with a series of gut-wrenching corrections, then, “molasses on a uphill march” series of low-ass uploads. Consumed a good chunk of the day. So, not too much to talk about otherwise.

I finally left, hungry as a devil, and shot over on the I-270 to the I-170 down past the I-70 to Delmar Street. Or something like that. Lots of “I-70 action” around here.

Found the University district, with record stores and head shops and cafes and all that jazz. Picked up a couple new records, the local culture paper and had a quick bite to eat.

Then I walked up to “Blueberry Hill” to catch Richard Buckner and Eric Bachmann. Buckner is a favorite of mine, going on a decade now. Love that growl. Bachmann used to front the Archers of Loaf indie division, so, he’s been high on my list for some time too. Not too familiar with his Crooked Fingers crookedness, but, did enjoy his set. Lots of picking and harmonizing.

Buckner came out, backed up by Doug Gillard (of Guided By Voices fame), and eased into a simple set. Couple new ones off Meadow and some classics. Sounded pretty good. Weird thing about a Buckner show is, they aren’t that fun. If anything, I just needed to see the man behind the albums I love so much. The music was good, but, I got antsy after about seven songs and called it a night.

I only needed a mini set from that big lug to quench my thirst. Good shit.

(And for the record, Ryno, no one yelled, “Lil’ Wallet Picture.” There you go, you dick.)

364. “Descending into the basement club.”
365. “Some hairy owner guy with Bryan Henneman of the Bottle Rockets.”
366. “That same guy, this time with Jay Farrar.” (Note how uncomfortable Jay looks. Yikes.)
367. “Eric Bachmann opend up the show.” (His new album is amazing…)
368. “Richard Buckner.”
369. “Doug Gillard (Guided By Vocie fame) on backup axe.”
370. “Buckner, mid-growl.”
371. “Buckner from a distance.”
372. “On the way out I looked up and there was Chuck Berry’s guitar behind some glass.”

Buckner’s truck has 450,000 miles on it. That’s something to think about.

- - - -

Cam sent this one in: Metro logos from all over the place.

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Eric Bachmann’s album is the goods. I kinda dig this Snowden shit too. Am I getting soft?

Posted by: Vince on 09/28/06 at 1:28 PM

Have you heard Eric Bachman’s two solo albums recorded under the name Barry Black? I love ‘em both. Predominantly instrumental, both of them, but the s/t album features one track (“Golden Throat”) and it’s a Bachman vocals gem and very possibly my all time fave Bachman composition — Archers of Loaf and Crooked Fingers material not excluded. If you haven’t heard them I’d try Tragic Animal Stories first. “The Horrible Truth About Plankton” will hook you right in. Trombone, tuba, tape loop, cello, weird percussion and just gorgeously fucked up arrangements. “Derelict Vultures” could be an Archer’s song, at least ‘til the horns take over; otherwise the rest are in an entirely different camp.

I’m really loving your posts and photos from the road, though is a bit hard to keep/catch up.

Posted by: Michelle on 10/08/06 at 10:39 PM
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