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Got up, tuned some pages, folded some laundry, rolled up some cords, shut some shit down, shook some hands, kissed my litte sister goodbye and caught a ride out to the airport from Lovejoy.

Issue one, all designed up. 90 pages in five days, you suckers.

Now we just got fine-tuen the bastards and ship it out.

Real proud of the effort from the team.

- - - -

Flew to Minneapolis. A smooth flight. The plane was completely packed. I sat by the window; my new strategy for “flight dynamics.” See, I used to go for the aisle seat, but, I’d get raked by every ass and cart that passed by over the course of the flight. Fuck that. I’m finding that it’s better to be tucked away up against the window, away from the public that much more.

Here’s the preliminary techniques I employ:

01. Take a piss before the flight takes off. Do it out in the terminal where you can stretch out a bit.
02. Loosen the shoes, so you can slip them on and off easily.
03. Loosen the belt some, for maximum comfort. Take it easy.
04. Grab a bottle of water before you board the flight. This part is crucial.
05. Have the “shit you’ll be playing with” ready to separate from the “rest of the shit” you carried on.

There ya go.

- - - -

Got to St. Louis, secured a La Quinta Inn room, set up shop and tuned pages late into the Midwestern night. It’s good to be back.

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I’d agree with most of the technique, but still prefer the aisle - altitude tends to “stimulate” my innards. I abandoned laces in the shoes (or just go with flips) and belt long ago, less headache at security. Don’t check bags anymore either. Commando.

Posted by: tyler on 09/27/06 at 11:21 AM

Grow some balls, park the Passat at the Saint Looey airport, and get a flight to the best fucking coast since Slartibartfast invented coasts for a weekend of monkey-fuckage. Friday Fall Down, Saturday Jake’s Embarassment Party. Bring it — they ship Garys, cheap, especially if you fly into Cow Hampster.

Posted by: Johnny Bowles on 09/27/06 at 10:33 PM
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