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Barely slept a wink last night. Fell asleep to this little Crunk Leprechaun “Katt Williams” comic guy going on and on and on about brothas. His routine is a real stretch. Yawn.


Got up to the sound of a blaring megaton blast of a alarm clock. No problems. Loaded out and after a couple front desk signatures, was on the airport shuttle minutes later, with heavy-ass eyes.

The flight from St. Louis to Minneapolis was a blur. Slept the whole way. From Minneapolis to Salt Lake City was great as I was lucky enough to have the middle seat open. Being a “man of size,” I need all he extra room I can get. I read the whole flight, from a book called, “Killing Yourself To Live” by Chuck Klosterman. Wry and predictable, the kid drove the nation checking out hallowed grounds where rockstars met their sad fates. Oh, and, he intertwined his encounters with the three or four women of his life to make up for the lack of anything worth writing about concerning the sites he checked out. Not bad. Not good. Just, “Good enough to read while trying to get through a flight.” The flight from Salt Lake City to Portland was uncomfortable as hell. The hag next to me “wasn’t having any” of my bigness and was clearly miffed. I read my book and did my best to stay propped on the ass cheek farthest from her. Fuck.

Got in, Nunez picked me up and, just like that, I was back in it to win it.

I’m back in Portland and man, I wish I was on that road, lost and adventuring. I miss the G-Unit something fierce. ‘Nuff said.

- - - -

PJ is rambling along just fine. Phew. Been checking in every couple days just to make sure he ain’t a pile of road rash spread all over some forgotten road somewhere.

He’s having to fight hard to get connected to put up posts, but is doing a great job considering the difficulties of the open road.

He’s been paying respects, enjoying the finer points of wild scooter culture, representin’, staying away from all feagles, documenting beauties, making new friends, saying things like, “Wow” and pulling over to wonder and making more friends with each harrowing mile.

Keep it up and enjoy the ride, Hoss. The best.

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