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Locked myself in the hotel room today for a “cage match” against all open projects.

Otherwise, not too much to report. Kept the room nice and cool at a somewhat chilly 69 degrees. Listened to my new albums. Caught up on shit. Went back and forth with Eric down in Argentina on the finer points of a couple soon-to-be-launched web sites. Did some writing for said web sites. Played some guitar. And, oh yeah, booked a flight back home for next week’s “Snowboard Mag Issue 1 Cage Match” out in a a small town in the northwest that goes by the name, “Portland.”

Yeah, I gotta roll home for a couple days. As much I tried to keep it out here, “on the road,” I just cave in and fly home instead. I mean, shit, it’ll be easier on all parties involved. Shit. It’ll be good to see all the Snowboard mag squirrels, anyway. We’re official, so, watch yer back.

- - - -

Mom sent in some images of the little man back in Michigan. Word is, he’s doing just fine and is severely attached to my mom, acting as her shadow all over the house. I know the deal.

306. “The G-Unit loves his toys.”
307. “Bath time.” (WARNING: Explicit content.)
308. “All cleaned up and ready to destroy some shit.”

(All photos by my mom, proudly.)

I do miss the little man and find myself thinking about him way too much out here. Might have to go grab him when I get back from Portland. Enough is enough.

- - - -

As the sun set in that western expanse, I called Chris Glass up and we set up a place to convene for some home cooking. Not too far from my hotel. A little place called, “The Friendly Stop.” We both got the meatloaf plate. Chris remarked at one point, “It’s pretty Alpo-y.” I had to agree. Ha.

Which reminds me of one little Ryan Montgomery who lived next store to us in Central Lake, Michigan. Specifically, with a bit of a stomach churn, how that little derelict would spoon Alpo out of the can for their dog, then, get all neighborhoodrat’s attentions and proudly lick the spoon. Ah, the good ol’ days.

309. “The Friendly Stop, Sharonville, Ohio.”
310. “Freindly patrons.”
311. “We’ll both be doing the meatloaf…”

- - - -

I rounded out the day working very late, and, being very thankful for the following things:

01. Waking up each day and feeling good.
02. The capital to fund this adventure.
03. The smooth sailing I’ve enjoyed the last three weeks.
04. That new Magnolia Electric Co. album, “Fading Trails.”

Goodnight, you horse thieves.

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The meatloaf looks fucking dangerous….should you take those kind of intestinal challenges on the road?

Posted by: Shanta Prescott on 09/19/06 at 7:26 AM

Just found the piece of paper you wrote out for me on the flight from Seattle to Calgary! Sorry got stuck big time at immigration, which sucked a little! But I hope you had an awesome time at the wedding in Banff im heading there in a couple of weeks! Take care!

Posted by: Aimee (the Aussie) on 09/20/06 at 8:27 PM
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