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The Hotel Life: Sleep in kinda past the check out time cuz you were out sorta late the night before being lost trying to find a hotel. Then, coax the front desk to give you a “late checkout.” Rise and shine. Do some work, read some emails, see who’s playing where, send some shit off and check in with the colleagues. Then, grab a quick shower, clean up the gear and load out. Getting this shit down to a science.

Derek flew out at a little after 2pm. It was good to see him. Always is. Thanks for coming down.

I shot out of town and met up with my friend Christina for a tour of southeastern Pittsburgh. We followed the river out a ways, checking out seemingly ancient ruins of old steel mill towns that were once proud and strong. Kinda sad.

158. “Incorporated.”
159. “Company, Incorporated.”
160. “B. Zeff Company, Incorporated.”

Braddock, and surrounding areas.

161. “Whemco.”
162. “Southeast traintracks.”
163. “Smokestacks.”
164. “Industrial spoils.”

Then we found this amazingly sad little corner bar, long run-down and forgotten. How do these little places die? The “Regulars” slowly die off? People move away? Mills close down? I tried to think of this little place some years back; bustling, happy and filled with steelworkers letting off steam. It’s just too bad that little places like this are gone and rotting away, when, that Dollar General-in the part of town that is still sorta alive/which is silently killing whatever’s left in town-is busy as hell. So sad.

165. “A little corner bar that has no more life.”
166. “Inside.”
167. “Window detail.”

There is One Comment

shellac rocked. spewmantis sucked. the hood was dope wrong way. thanks for making sure i didn’t get uncle vans.( i wouldn’t have made a choice like that anyhow. but, good lookin out.) all in all i’d say pittsburgh had no idea what hit ‘em. i think it will take a year or so for them to figure it out. yeah right!

Posted by: derek d on 09/12/06 at 6:07 PM
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