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Draplin Design Co., North America
August 05, 2006
Sunday, And We Plow Ahead
Posted at 02:05 PM


So I stumbled onto an amazing find on eBay, “6000 Matchbox Advertisements.” 6000! The final price was a little over a hundred bucks, and man, what a wealth of treasures.

When I scanned for Chuck back in Minneapolis, my primary duty was to organize scans on this high-end scanner. I’d plop down on Friday mornings, get a queue going and then let the thing do it’s work. A couple hours later I’d have another 20 scans to catalog, and I’d start in again. The wealth of imagery and type was basically just “a little too much for me handle” some days, and, I’d go home so amped with inspiration it would give me a headache. Overload.

So now, half a decade later, my riches allow me to purchase my own collection. I don’t know if I’ll be making a clip art archive out of them or anything, but, do plan on enjoying them and allowing all visitors to “rifle through” said examples.

- - - -

Busy Beaver Christen stopped by yesterday afternoon for a tour of the DDC Factory Floor with a couple friends. Nice kids. What a breath of fresh air. I’ve been placing orders for buttons with her for, hell, a good seven or eight years. From Chicago, a large city in the Midwest. She’s always been on time and a pleasure to work with. Thank you for coming out and surviving the Garyness.

Now, all you readers, order up some buttons, now.

Their history section is especially recommended. Bravo.

And, tons of great clicks here, too.

- - - -

Skyscrapers of great stuff here: Alphabet Arm Design.

Their “LOGO / IDENTITY DESIGN” section is worth a “click thru” to see some powerful stuff.

- - - -

Went to a big-ass Nemo party last night seeing Nate and Andrea off to big city NYC. Have fun out there. Be safe. And hell, good riddance.

But, that ain’t what sticks to the ribs from this quick little night out. I met the one of the most beautiful, smart, saavy dames I’ve ever come across in my 32 years. Phew. I’ll leave it at that. My little mind was blown, softly.

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