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August 01, 2006
Snowboard Mag....realized!
Posted at 05:26 PM


Snowboard Mag has an amazing announcement to share.

Bravo, boys. Let’s kick the shit outta this thing. Here we go…

- - - -

We find it hard to believe it is already August. Wow. 2/3 of that summer down, 1/3 to go. Well, about 21 days to go, to be precise. We’re pushing off on the 21st to get our asses back to Minneapolis to see some Flaming Lips action at the State Fair. So good. Got some friends working on some shit involving the finer details of that show, so, it could be a great one.

June and July whipped on by. Chalk it up to keeping really busy, with “eyes on the prize,” fighting each day like it’s our last as we gear up to hit the road in three weeks. Less than a month. We like the sound of that.

- - - -

Brad is coming into town today to do the final edit on the athlete photography. We’re gonna slay that shit, and then celebrate the milestone with some sort of ethnic meal around town. Maybe something involving chutney or cous cous.

Here’s an outtake from last Friday, snapped somewhere in Ballard, up there in Seattle. Brad and I. Photo courtesy of Embry Rucker.

- - - -

The Politically Incorrect Alphabet. Beautifully illustrated and controversial as shit. (Via Coudal.com)

- - - -

Matt Kasshole got back into town. The place has been too quiet. Good to have you back on Oregon soil.

- - - -

Listened to the whole Califone discography last night as the night got late. Clanky hauntings.

- - - -

Going with Lovejoy to see these Midwester Hammer Swingers tonight at Holocene: The Magnolia Electric Company. Lookin’ forward to it, man.

There Are 3 Comments

Allow to say congrats on the good news. I had a strong feeling that someone with the means and a good business sense would come through and allow snowboard magazine to continue to do what is does best. Looking forward to the upcoming winter again now.

Posted by: Aaron on 08/01/06 at 9:33 AM

as an extension of the coudal/draplin joint, “dear cell phone user”, I propose a “citizen citation”. Sort of an all purpose printed form to annotate the most ridiculous and annoying behaviour from day to day life.

“you are being cited for:_____________

as a result you must:________________”

That sort of thing.

Just sayin…

Posted by: dano on 08/01/06 at 10:11 AM

That’s great news. AND, if you could order the mag from their website that would be pretty great too …

Posted by: R Ullery on 08/04/06 at 7:18 AM
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