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Draplin Design Co., North America
August 11, 2006
Posted at 06:18 AM


Headed up to Banff this morning. Meeting Bridges in the airport.

The plan for the weekend:
01. Gonna drink like a pig. (Michaylira’s got the tab, so, you know.)
02. Gonna eat like a pig. (“Stocking up” for the winter.)
03. Gonna keep my eyes open for a wife. (The odds are a little better at weddings, right?)

More from Canada, once we are settled into our Alpine Chalet.

- - - -

I was down at Pro Photo and saw Kohlman’s pal Greg Hennes in the rental department. He set us up with some equipment on a Coal shoot awhile back.

Anyhoo, he was nice enough to help me pick out a couple new lenses for the 30D, and, follow up with some inspiring wellwishing later on in the day. Drop what you are doing and check out his work, with quite possibly one of the most bad-ass of names going: Oculus Sinister!

- - - -

Adam Haynes, Bend, Ore., has a show starting Saturday night up in Seattle called, “Walks With Evad.” Evad was thing gigantic hound, with a big-ass bark, passed down to Jenny from Dave Sypniewski. “Evad?” Well, it’s, “Dave” spelled backwards. There. The secret is out.

Now, what I remember of this hound is: He’s big, and, always scared the hell outta me. Now, once the transaction was finalized, I’m gonna bet he mellowed out some under the love and guidance of Jenny and her friends. So, we zoom up a good decade or so, and Adam is out and about walking Evad all over Central Oregon, looking at shit on the ground, then, drawing it up. Pretty cool, if you ask us.

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Hi Aarron,
It’s Apes, Jerm’s wife. I just wanted you to know there is plenty of marriage material here in Le Bois. The ratio of women to men is strangley unbalanced. I’m sure many of the ladies could easily be persuaded to move to Portland as well. Jerms is always saying which single friends you’d be great for. So…any time you wanna visit you’ve got a place to shack up.

Posted by: April Lanningham on 08/12/06 at 8:50 PM

Be advised:
Draplin likes ‘em husky… Shesquatches.

The MN State Fair is just a-waitin’ for ya, Drap.
Find yourself a fine woman in the corn-dog line.

Posted by: ryno on 08/14/06 at 8:45 AM
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