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Very little to report on. Caught up on a bunch of work. Hung with Gary around the compound. Watched some documentaries with mom and dad. Ate well. Didn’t put pants on once all day. Perfect.

Woke up real late, say, 4:30am or so, and went outside to check the night sky.

Millions of stars were out up above the cul-de-sac canopy. Skillions. Pulled dad’s lawn chair thingie out there and sat there for a bit trying to keep my eyes open. So nice.

Saw the big and little dippers, and saw this lesser known constellation: “Gary Longus Minor”

We had no problem picking that one right out. If you did, click here for a little help.

Gonna do it again tonight, but this time, dragging some stray futon that’s in the garage out there so I can bed down properly.

- - - -

Speaking of the sea, (huh?) here’s a shot that surfaced from that booze cruise thing we went to just before we pushed off from Portland little over a week ago: “Nakamoto, Soli, Gross and Draplin: Pickled Herrings.”

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Dude… I swear I’ve seen that constellation (Gary Longus Minor) before!

Posted by: Justin Kropp on 08/31/06 at 6:16 AM
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