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Didn’t do a goddamn thing today. So nice.

Slept way in, ate well, enjoyed the suddenyl-quiet parental compound and caught up with old friends.

Derek Denoyer came over and we cruised into town for a quick lunch. Eric Campbell started up a little design company called, “Tandem Design” with a colleague and things are on the up and up. We checked out his studio, got a tour of the neighboring woodshop that shares the building with him and dodged tennis balls meant for unguarded testicles. Not really down with “getting nailed in the nuts” anymore. Left that shit behind in 4th grade. Ouch.

His place looks great and man, he’s good and busy. Nice.

065. “Eric Campbell.”
066. “Derek Denoyer.”
067. “Anvil strength.”
068. “D switch.”

Got back home. The Bry Aleshire came out and joined us for an early dinner. More grub. Phew. We caught up and made plans for some sort of gathering later on in the week.

As the night grew late, I called Campbell up and met him in town for some refreshments and shit talking. After a couple cold ones downtown, catching up on everything, we hit the St. Francis High School bell tower for a couple quick runs.

069. “Breaking laws, I’m sure.”
070. “Something official.”
071. “Campbell’s still got it.”

I went to that hellhole Catholic School for my 9th and 10th grade years. I have fond memories of getting pummeled on “Freshmen Firday,” an anything-but-reasonable dress code horror story, jocks, bullies, troublemakers, incorrigibles and ruffians. All in a “House of God.” Oh, and, a teacher/coach we called, “Hacksaw” who made sure his voice was as deep and gruff as possible. I think it had something to do with a “cut-short high school football career of his own” or a small dick. Just some speculation, almost 20 years later. Yawn.

Speaking of old friends, and skateboarding, we got this one in from one of Williamsburg, Michigan’s finest, Harry Brumer, ripping it up over in Sweden somewhere: Harry’s still got it. Fuck yeah.

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I haven’t seen either of those guys (Derek & Eric) for at least ten years. We were by no means close, but I remember them well. Be sure and give them my best.

Posted by: bensch on 08/30/06 at 9:11 PM

it is so cool to see the belltower still gettin ripped. Im sure it is more rare now than it has been since 85. nice shot of Camp. I think the railroad ties and the wood picnic tables are gone though.

Posted by: G. Aleshire on 09/01/06 at 6:13 PM
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