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July 03, 2006
Posted at 08:50 PM

So we drifted off to sleep a little after 5am last night.

Me on the spare bed, Gary on the floor real close. Then, in one of those moments that can ruin a whole trip, I awoke to a clammy, stifling sweat…with unrelenting Southern California sunbeams beating down on me. “Real hot,” was all I could mumble as my big day started off in the worst of ways. Heated up. Already, at fuckin’ 9am.

Fuck Southern California. All of it.

- - - -

Once Nunez arose from his slumber, we geared up and headed over to Wahoo’s for a quick lunch. “Wahoo’s Fish Tacos,” was a lunch joint we’d frequent during my time at Snowboarder magazine. I was suspect of the joint from the get go. The endless stream action sport industry turds waiting in line, the less-than-friendly townies and the crass sticker endorsements covering every fucking square inch of the place. But, like a couple things down here in this wasteland, it grew on me. Evan and I got to know Edgar, and before too long, we were sharing the coveted “Customer of the Month” honor.

Well, yesterday, the combination of the people talking about their summer homes, the slicksters pulling up in their Mercedes, the cell phones buzzing around us…well, let’s just say it was a lousy meal. I got used to this shit when I lived down here. I mean, hell, you are inundated by it from every angle.

Thank god for Portland, Oregon.

Or, thank god for ‘everywhere else.’

Sometimes when I come down here, I get real down on myself for actually living here for those 22 months. I still can’t believe I made it that long in such a fucked place. Gross.

Larry, take us home.

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There were 2 things (yep-JUST 2) I liked in San Clemente. Pedro’s, cause nothing beats a $1 bean burrito when you’re broke from living in an outrageously expensive hell-hole, and Rainbow sandles. Wanna pick me up a pair of flip-flops?

Posted by: sb on 07/04/06 at 3:20 PM

Aaron, I can totally relate. I’m working in Atlanta at the moment. On a daily basis, I get to stare at a fair share of suits in their overpriced SUVs and Benzs looking like robots with their earpieces in blabbin’ on about who knows what. It’s the daily cycle down here, and it all takes place in this goddam heat a humidity. Fuck it.

Posted by: Justin on 07/05/06 at 6:58 AM

amen, brother, amen

Posted by: sherowski on 07/05/06 at 9:21 AM

Let me tell you, pardner. The week or so I spent in that fecal pit was about one day shy of me slicin my wrists wide open.

Napalm the motherfuckers. I swear to god.

Posted by: ryno on 07/05/06 at 11:07 AM

You got out. Some of us are still trying…

Posted by: dano on 07/05/06 at 2:05 PM

I probably live in the most livable of all so-cal ‘enclaves’, Santa Barbara. Even with the nice cool offshore ocean breezes and opportunities to walk barefoot on the mostly clean beaches, it is still southern california and with that said, fuck it. SUV’s, Wireless headsets, GPS PDA’s, fake tans, fake boobs, and fake attitudes. I’m outta here, movin’ back to PDX within the year.

Posted by: Aaron on 07/06/06 at 4:40 PM
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