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Draplin Design Co., North America


Ahhh…they are on to something here:

“So you decide to shake off the costly coastal infrastructure and relocate to a cheaper rural region…”

Geographic Arbitrageur? I’m trying, dammit, I’m trying.

- - - -

Haker sent this. Great colors.

- - - -

Another little Gary is out there. A gal name Melinda sent us this shot. Wow. Kinda weird.

- - - -

Jon Baugh, Midwestern Renaissance Man, comes in with this photoshop masterpiece:


Still got Nacho Libre fever around here. Still got it.

- - - -

Saw these in Switzerland when I was there awhile back. Pretty cool. Great idea, and use of forgotten, overlooked materials.

- - - -

Coulter knows his pinball. He brought this to our attention.

- - - -

Errors on U.S. Petroleum stamps here.

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