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01. “Where our urban journey began…”
02. “L+M Shape Burning.”
03. “Green acres.”
04. “The best in town…”
05. “Watts Towers.”

06. “Paradise.”
07. “Ice Hielo.”
08. “Ice detail, no. 01.”
09. “Ice detail, no. 02.”
10. “Ruins.”

11. “Little welder.”
12. “Dale: A good, honest, Midwestern name.”
13. “Morgan’s ATV Sales.”
14. “Exploring some ruins in El Segundo.”
15. “A battle wound Evan received.”

16. “Great form. Great type.”
17. “Integrator reading as recreation.”
18. “Chicken and waffles as fuel.”
19. “I take my SoCal tours very seriously.” -Evan Rose
20. “Smitty’s has seen better days…”

21. “Evan’s peculiar bump generated much talk. Gross.
22. “Shopping for vintage pinball games: Evan battles Alpine Club.”
23. “Press button to play.”
24. “Stars and stripes as a way of life.”
25. “The gate of someone famous. Can’t remember who.”

26. “Backcountry twotrackin’ on the famous Mulholland Drive.
27. “The palatial spread of Meat Loaf”
28. “Our dinner of death at Pink’s.”
29. “Donny, Gary and Aaron, down for the count.”
30. “Early morning Mt. Shasta, on the way home.”

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real nice post. wish I was there. wait, I was there.

Posted by: er on 07/06/06 at 10:14 PM

Where were you guys shopping for pinball games? Was that Fab Fan up in L.A.? That’s the guy that I do work for. Heading to his pinball show in Vegas here in a couple of weeks.

Check out the movie The Future of Pinball.


Posted by: Coulter on 07/07/06 at 5:55 AM
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