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June 12, 2006
Posted at 01:31 PM


Here’s a Western tale for ya: Down south a piece, as those Sierras peter out into the flatlands of Western Nevada lies a mountain town called Mammoth Lakes. A quiet little camp, Mammoth has risen to the ranks as a “prominent destination” for alpine enthusiasts of all sizes, styles and breed. Now, specifically, as that century wore out into our new millenium which we find ourselves enjoying these days, a group of snowboarders called the Grenade posse pretty much took over the town, and in the process, put the place on the map.

Like any Western town, it’s got its share of peculiarity. You’ve got those Clampers. Hard to say what’s going on with them these days, but, what a group. Now, we aren’t ones to get down on religion too much, as, the way we look at it all is, “We’ve got no problems with yer superstitions. Just think for yerself, that’s all.” We try to live by the Golden Rule. Pretty simple, and, you get to sleep in on Sundays.

Mammoth Lakes, like any eccentric Western enclave, runs rampant with a strain of Christianity that’ll make any man grounded in good values cringe with the willies. Those kids are scary.

As the war of good and evil rages high in those hills, some local heretics have taken to their own types of alpine blasphemy: The story goes that Jesus walked on water. That’s a good campfire tale. Tim Zimmerman snowmobiled on water. And we’ve got proof.

Credit where credit is due: Tim Zimmerman. Photo by Jeff Curley.

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Designing a web site and bogged down by those persnickety cross-platform font issues? Here’s a simple little page to help you decide what fonts to use. Thanks go out to Eric way the hell down in Argentina.

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Ordered up a couple poster from those Aesthetic Appa-rati. This and this. So good.

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