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Yow, in a moment of undecipherable wailing.

I miss the Jesus Lizard.

- - - -

Dave England had this to say about our Wet Dreaming over the weekend,

“you are a goddamn good husky man and i would like to take this opportunity to wholeheartedly thank you for the swift, concerted and winning effort you so graciously put forth this afternoon in the name of wet dreamers everywhere. as a partial token of my appreciation i invite you to borrow my mower at your leisure- just don’t mow down the gary.”

I think this classifies as a “run on sentence,” but, nevertheless, it made us feel good about all things vector-based.

Our pleasure, Dave, our pleasure.

- - - -

Down on one knee: “Marry me, Neko.”

A beautiful site for a beautiful siren.

Been listening to her new one a whole bunch this last month. My favorite cut off the album is, “Star Witness.” That sexy croon of hers just might be the best thing I’ve heard this spring.

“Hey there, there’s such tender wolves….”

It’s got that haunting, wide-open, old timey wild west thing going on. So good.

- - - -

Had a good meal with Goo and Fran last night and caught up on all things Phemister.

- - - -

Worked my ass off this weekend and got a shitload done. Really.

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