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Draplin Design Co., North America
March 10, 2006
Posted at 02:34 PM


Came across this somewhere, saved it to my desktop, into our, “DDC06_INSPIRATION” folder, and, well, thought we’d post it up, as, well, it’s really nice. Lots of pauses, sorry.

- - - -

Got back from Whistler a couple days back, and thawed into the Portland rains.

Moved the DDC Factory Floor up a level into the upstairs bedroom, the catharsis being a recent move of the sleeping quarters upstairs into the loft section. So, for clarification:

LEVEL TWO: Sleeping Quarters.
LEVEL ONE: DDC Factory Floor, Mess Hall, Room of Leisure, Room of Dining, Men’s Room
SUBTERRANEAN: Rocking, Gocco’ing, Laundry Facilities, Storage.

- - - -

I wish I was down in Austin with Cameron and Coudal. Shit. I’m good backup when things get ugly. Lots of top-secret projects in the works, man. Really.

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More of that here…http://www.mallsofamerica.blogspot.com/

Ahhhhh, the sweet sounds of the beatles set to string instrumental while shlepping at Penny’s and Thom McAnn…

Posted by: Jeff on 03/13/06 at 8:50 AM
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