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February 24, 2006
Snowboarding, Revisitied
Posted at 04:29 PM

Came out of retirement today and went riding.

Hood Meadows, blue bird day, little bit of new snow, good friends, ample gear, nice and stretched, feeling good…

But, just, uh, “Not that fun.”

So it goes.

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i keep tellin ya. Snowskating is the shit. get the feeling of when you first slid on snow all over again. it’s as pure as snowboarding USED to be. before knucklehead jocks invaded.

Posted by: frank zuccini on 02/24/06 at 9:29 PM

Had a snowboard reunion of sorts last week also. The Hales were in town. Jeff ,Tuck and I skipped work for a day. And went old school rippin, hollerin and rememberin. Good times.

Posted by: Gary A. on 02/26/06 at 10:34 AM

Thats what happens when you get old. Really, really, really old.

Posted by: matthew on 02/26/06 at 1:48 PM

Ha! I went “snowskating” this weekend, in Galena, IL. It was pretty fun, though I’d only been snowboarding once before (in MN with Ryno, Jakab, Dimmel, etc). Bought a brand-new skateboard a few weeks ago too, good feeling.

The snowskate was cool in that you’re not locked into the fucker when you bail, so less twisted ankles, but a little harder to stay upright on maybe. I’d never seen one before and bought it on a whim at a shop that was having a going-out-of-business sale, $50. A lot of people at the resort were commenting on it, not sure if they were ribbing me or really thought it was cool. I’m not hip to all this new shit.

Posted by: PJ "The Real Deal" Chmiel on 02/27/06 at 7:00 AM

I hear ya, snowboarding kinda lost it for me too for a while. Just wasn’t that much fun to drive all that way and get tired and wet.
I went up to Snoqualmie a couple weeks ago alone after everybody couldn’t justify leaving work an hour early and had the best fucking snowboard session in years. Hardpack, icy halfpipe, scary jumps, rode at mach 10 and just laughed at the ass kicking I got. Felt like I was 16 again and riding a little shitbag 200’ East Coast hill after school. Been snowboarding every other night since and can’t get enough. I feel like one of those annoying people who just found Jesus. Or a crackhead fiending…same thing.

Posted by: Supergenius on 02/27/06 at 10:58 AM

Sorry to hear of your dissapointment. Kendra, Ryan Lillie, and myself had a hoot on Friday night. I think the key is less people. Or maybe seeing Ryan enjoy it so much.

Posted by: Charles Thomas Pearce on 02/27/06 at 1:07 PM


Posted by: Jorge Gonzalas on 03/08/06 at 10:14 AM
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