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Draplin Design Co., North America
January 08, 2006
Posted at 01:50 AM

Been a little busy. Phew.

Wrapped up a behemoth Coal catalog Friday night. Coming into our fourth year! Congrats. A triumph.

This is how we do it: “Brad Scheuffele, Coal Headwear.”

- - - -

Got a two day breather on Saturday and Sunday. Did stuff like:

01. Clean the house.
02. Organize things that needed to be organized.
03. Separate 2005’s receipt onslaught for the upcoming tax fess-up.
04. Clean the men’s room.
05. Hang with Gary.
06. Caught “Brokeback Mountain” with Rod and Katie. (See below.)
07. had a couple square meals at La Buca.
08. Watched “High Plains Drifter” with Gary on my lap.
09. Worked on an upcoming, top-secret paper product.
10. Booked a kickass adventure. (Once again, see below.)

“Brokeback Mountain” was good. Sad on so many levels. The story was good, but, of course, I have my gripes with the actor choices. Those guys were just, uh, “too” good looking for those roles. The fake sideburns and mustaches and garb, well, it just felt a little contrived. But, aside from my persnickety design stuff, I think the story was gigantically sad and resonated pretty deep. It definately shed light on society’s cruel intolerance. I sure do hope the world is moving on. People are people. Enough already.

- - - -

Adventure awaits. Well, some work, some play, some flights, some brainstorming, some handshaking. Here is what is coming up. Kinda excited:

01. “All on 34!”Leave for SIA Snowsports Tradeshow in Veg-ass on the 21st. Gonna drive down this time around. Gonna make my way down through Central Oregon and into Northern Nevada, on the slow boat. Just want to see some wide open spaces after seeing lots of monitor the last couple months. Nakamoto might come along for the run down to Reno. Hope so. It’d be good to see how we fare in close quarters. “Adventure in Terror.” After Reno I’m gonna make the run down the “extra Terrestial Highway.” I’ll be on the lookout for weird lights, orbs and creatures. Y’never know. Be down in Vegas until the 27th.

02. “Through the desert to the city of Angels…” Then I drive over to the glimmering, palm-tree’d mecca of Los Angeles, to hang with Arlie for a night, then catch a flight out to a small Bavarian town called, “Munich” the next morning. Going over for the European ISPO snowsports tradeshow, to support the brands I worked on over the course of the year. Gonna eat a ton of schnitzel. Train station pretzels too. And this time, I’m gonna get real good and pickled, a couple times. Last year we were all under the weather upong arrival. Not this time around. On the lookout for a Bavarian bride. I’ll be in Munich for a five days.

03. “Italian Stallions, Unite.” After the tradeshow, might run down to Italy for a meeting with Union. Gotta think up next year’s line to get a jump on shit. Real excited to roll the sleeves up again. These meetings will go for a couple days. Then back up to Munich.

04. “Jolly Old England.” On Saturday the 4th, I hop a plane out of Munich over to a little town called London. Booked myself a ritzy hotel downtown and will proceed to king the hell outta the United Kingdon. Been wondering about the place for a long time. As Jared Eberhardt said, “It’s a good place to shop.” I’ll be on the lookout. Plans include cruising all over London, renting a rig and left-laning it up to Stonehenge for the day, cruising the countryside and hell might even do a little jaunt over to Amsterdam to meet up with the a heavily-baked Neefus and Pinksi. Hard to say. I fly back to Munich on the 8th and catch a flight back to Los Angeles the next morning.

05. Back To The States. Los Angeles. Gonna spend a couple days near the big beach seeing Rose and Arlie and Noah and maybe some bigtime stars.

06. “Northbound Up That West Coast.” Up the coast I’ll head, trying to make it to San Francisco that night. Gonna spend a little time in the city before I make the run up to Portland.

- - - -

I’ll be getting back to Portland sometime around February 15th, or something. On a sad note, I was gonna bring Gary down to Vegas, and cousin Christine was gonna watch the little shit while I was abroad. Instead, he’d gonna hang with Dottie the dog, watched over by Goo and Fran. So good. Big backyard to run around in, etc. He’ll be in good hands. Gonna miss him.

- - - -

I start the Grenade catalog tomorrow, and won’t let up until that sonofabitch is licked. Pinski and Neefus are ready for all out “page-after-page war.”

- - - -

Gonna drop in on a new office chair. Going down to the Herman Miller joint tomorrow to get fitted for one of those Aeron chairs. Compliments of an unnamed, generous client. Thank you from the bottom of our heart. Thank you from the bottom of our ass.

- - - -

ATTENTION PORTLANDERS: If you haven’t already, get yer ass over to “Office” on Alberta. Absolutely amazing. Great type, great space, great product, great people. Goddammit, they are “on to something” with this one. Wow.

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New Apple compooters tomorrow. You and Brad may need them if one of you spills one of the many beverages that are spread out all over your work table. Dangerously hydrated. Nice orange fence wall thing in your basement too.

Posted by: Kurt Halsey on 01/09/06 at 8:38 AM

Prague is waiting for you! 5 hours by train from Munich. You’re welcome anytime.

Posted by: Pablo on 01/09/06 at 2:30 PM

Mac Book Pro. Just rolls right off the tongue.

Posted by: Kurt Halsey on 01/10/06 at 2:56 PM

Aaron - THANK YOU for the props to OFFICE. We love your website, your work and all the info about Gary. We especially love your business card and are looking forward to seeing/hearing more about your super secret paper product project.

Speaking of snowboard art, etc. our next show in the gallery features Richard Jones’ work, 14 new works on skateboard decks. It opens on LAST THURSDAY JAN 26th from 7 to 9 PM Hope to see you there, and feel free to add us to your Portland Friends list.

Posted by: Kelly Coller on 01/16/06 at 3:03 PM
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