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January 01, 2006
Posted at 03:14 AM


2005. Our best yet.

01. Gary came into our lives. Still isn’t housetrained. Not even close.
02. Another amazing fall spent out on the road.
03. Our most suck-cessful year to date. Official “thousandairre” status.
04. Complete a whole “year on our own.”
05. Kept all the clients, and hell, even picked up a couple new ones.
06. Just about paid “Big S” off.
07. Got a new guitar, which will be at my side for years to come. D-35!
08. Traveled home on a regular basis.
09. Celebrated my mom’s 60th birthday with the WHOLE family.
10. Got better looking, yet again.
11. Gettin’ Loaded = Four times. Weed = Twice. Hard Drugs = Zilch.
12. First time in Germany. Another round of Schnitzel!
13. Italian Stallion, second year running.
14. Vegas gambling suck-cess! Hit that 34 with 20 bucks on it = 700 clams!
15. Purchased my first drum set. The neighborhood will never rest.
16. Barely made it to the age of 32.
17. Made it to Minneapolis three times.
18. Stayed very, very cool all summer long.
19. Rock highlights: Shellac (both nights!), Sam Prekop, Smog and Portals.
20. Got back into drawing.
21. Didn’t take any shit from anyone, goddammit.

- - - -

Still sad about it: Please take a moment to think about Kris Okins. What a gal.

There Are 5 Comments

happy new year! yay

Posted by: frank zuccini on 01/03/06 at 5:55 PM

Yaaaaa Drap.
Nice year. We hope to see you this one.
love your thickest fan
P.S. I sent you my membership fees

Posted by: bry on 01/03/06 at 6:04 PM

on the road, so good.
enjoy the new year.
rebirth 06

Posted by: Ryan on 01/04/06 at 7:32 AM

gu arron teed daily update… shit man… its been 2006 for 4 MFUD (muthafuckindays) since an update…. your busy… try my 4800 sq. ft setup starting the 19th 6am in SIncity… mind u i’m only in Vegas for 11 days… lol… keep it UP bra…

Posted by: styk on 01/05/06 at 7:19 PM

I can’t go through ONE more day without an update from the DDC Factory Floor……..

Gu-AARON-teed? I want my money back.



Posted by: momma d. on 01/08/06 at 8:35 PM
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