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Draplin Design Co., North America
December 09, 2005
Posted at 06:14 PM

With all this excitement about illustration and what not swirling through our fingertips on the the DDC Factory Floor, we thought we’d offer up some of our inspirational links, that have recently kicked us in the ass:

Stickfort | Tyler Stout | Evan Hecox | Struggle | Aaron Jasinski

Chris Mars | Lolleyland | Brainfag | Burlesque | Jorge Alderete

- - - -

Those wacky sonofabitches up at C3 in Seattle were showing their love for the DDC, complete with this festive post. View what Yohan was spewing about here. Many thanks to all at C3…especially Bruce, our favorite C3’er.

- - - -

And of course, a little Holiday update from Dad back home:

“I went to to a Christmas party the other night, and everyone was feelin’ Merry. Then she got mad and left. Then we all jumped for Joy. She got pissed too.”

(WARNING: GRAPHIC MATERIAL: Image not suitable for young children, or, Kurt.)

How we miss him.

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Oh my to the iSight!

Posted by: Kurt Halsey on 12/09/05 at 7:02 PM

that’s cool, the office at C3 looks to be about a 3-5 minute drive from my house (just moved to ballard area of seattle). uncle jim is fucking beautiful, miss him so much. i’m saving up some dough to visit family in new york and michigan in one trip. you always have a semi-comfortable place to crash here in seattle, aaron.

Posted by: cousin scott on 12/10/05 at 10:30 PM
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