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December 07, 2005
Google Search "Barry"
Posted at 05:07 PM


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Posted by: 5OL1 on 12/07/05 at 10:40 PM

Did you know Ed and Brad Tonkin have another brother named Barry? We used to make jokes about the reason that Barry wasn’t involved was due to the fact that he was the mildly retarded brother than Ron never wanted in the business.

I’m going to hell for this, aren’t I?

Posted by: eric on 12/07/05 at 10:58 PM

Also, when can we get an RSS feed for the DDC?

What are we living in, Dutch Pennsylvania?

Posted by: eric on 12/07/05 at 11:03 PM
Posted by: Cam on 12/08/05 at 5:12 AM

He touched me.

Posted by: Kurt Halsey on 12/08/05 at 11:47 AM
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