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Hell, we don’t know why we do it either.

Something compels us to send out stacks of hand-gocco’d cards when the Holi-daze season hits. Maybe it’s the ink hittin’ the paper? Maybe it’s “out-of-pocket” expenses that vanish into thin air? It could just be the magical flash of a Gocco bulb? We won’t bog you down with our doltish speculation.

On some grand, warm level, we’d like to think it’s our little contribution to the “spirit of what makes things good in this world.” Or something. Maybe not.
Last year’s card was a elephantine success. We sent a ton out. Hope you all got them.

So, get us those addresses, so we can fire ya off a card.

Gu-aaron-teed Holiday Cheer: See the contact form on this page for our email.

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