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Draplin Design Co., North America
November 07, 2005
DDC:GAA:FT: 11072005:L08:D55
Posted at 09:28 PM


Got up pretty early to get a jump on shit. One final day to wrap it all up. Hammered on those pages all day long. And that was it.

This was the final stretch. No more batons to pass. No more “beefs” to scrap. It was now or never and hell, Baker and Nunez were heading up to Mt. Baker for the opening day the next morning, and of course, this was “non-negotiable.”

Just past midnight is when we caught our second wind and tuned those final pages with a severity that “just doesn’t show up too much around here.” I fell asleep around 4am with all but two pages completely done. Two little scrawny pages to go. A good feeling.

- - - -

Special thanks to Lovejoy for help over the week I was back. Really appreciate it. He handled many deposits, withdrawals, lunch errands, airport rides and even “yelled his little heart out” this one time when his day was done. He’s such a quiet little guy, so I make him yell every now and again just to rattle his shit a little bit. I mean, shit, he’s on the clock and if the DDC Factory Floor needs some yelling, well, I look to him to fill those shoes. Good people. A champion.

- - - -

All apologies: I feel real bad about not seeing Jay and Heather new little critter, Hayden. Feel real bad. Just didn’t have the time (or set of wheels) to trek out to St. Johns. Would have loved to. It’s prob’ly a good thing as, I’m “rife with disease” as is, and should leave well enough alone with that little angel. Soon, I swear.

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