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November 08, 2005
DDC:GAA:FT: 11082005:L09:D56
Posted at 09:28 PM


A beautiful fall day in Portland. What a town.

Got up, packed a bag or two, burned a couple discs, said some goodbyes, saw Zimmerman off, locked up the joint and caught a ride out to that airport from Lovejoy, that little saint. I had checked in online nice and early but didn’t catch the update about how the flight was delayed. Had a couple more hours to wait so Lovejoy turned right around and picked me up and we went and had a hearty meal at La Buca, joined by those Kassholes and a very-baked Neefus.

I love the “Al Forno with Sausage.” And a cold Coke. One of my favorite dishes in town, I gotta tell ya. I call it the “day killer” cuz, if you eat the sonofabitch anytime around lunchtime, well, the day is shot to hell.

Caught my flight and shot back to Minneapolis, guided by a 100 mile tailwind. Those eastbound flights go quick. 2 hours, 40 minutes there, and usually, pretty close to 4 hours on the way back. Wow.

Got into Minne kinda late, hopped the Hiawatha rail down to 50th and then hiked a couple blocks in to find Big S sitting quietly on the corner I left him at last week. He fired right up. All was right in the world.

Went and grabbed Ryno for a quick meal at Pizza Luce’ on Nicollet. Talked some shit, ate some pizza and then parted ways. I had big plans to get a jump on the ride back to Michigan and had even bigger plans involving trying to drive down to Madison, Wisconsin or so, and then crashing out in the rig. This didn’t happen. I got on the road and well, those last couple days caught up with me real bad, in a fast way. I was swerving, crossing lanes and even jumping medians and decided I’d call it a night. Grabbed a Motel 6 and that was that. Fell asleep playing my new Martin.

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