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October 27, 2005
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Posted at 11:18 PM


Woke up with a cat’s ass in my face today. Goddammit. Not down with cats, or, cat’s asses.

Missing Gary’s little legs, healthy coat and fiery demeanor right about now. Really.

Not too much to report. Just catching up on stuff. Spending lots of time chained to Ryno’s dining room table.

- - - -

As the night came to an end, we went and saw an interesting Werner Herzog documentary called, “The Grizzly Man.” Sad stuff.

Guy with lots of problems goes north to Kodiak Island, Alaska to “protect” the grizzlies. Thing is, he’s on Federal Land, so, those bears are already watched over, and well. He lives among them, getting a little too close here and there and eventually, losing his mind more or less, all on camera, in some 100 hours of footage of interviews and ultimately, confessionals, that he intended to use for upcoming activist materials. Well, he met an mean old bear, late in the season and…. (Go watch it, you turds.)

There is One Comment

My favorite Onion headline ever:
“Like boxes of shit in your house? Get a cat!”

Posted by: bensch on 11/02/05 at 9:49 AM
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