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October 24, 2005
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Posted at 11:30 PM


Woke up at the “crack of checkout” (…which was “just about noon” or so.) and were on the road out of “20 miles northwest of St. Louis.” Now, the last couple days leading up to this final, fateful day were pretty smooth sailing and easy-going. Lots of stops, lots of meandering, and an all-together ease for “making good time north on Highway 61.”

But not today. We took a quick look at the map, “did the math” and sobered up real quick: 621 miles to Minneapolis. And, “by tonight,” as Ryno had to get back to work the next morning.

Now, any road warrior who knows anything about the goddamned Midwest will tell ya that in between St. Louis and Minneapolis, there really is no “straight shot on a lonely interstate” or anything. You can drive way outta the way to the west to hit I-35, or, you can go up I-55 to Chicago and then catch I-90/94 up to Minne. Nope.

We were gonna go straight north, and follow 61 at all costs. It’s a lot of secondary roads, where the road will go back and forth from divided highways. Throw in a lot of stoplights and the fear of some Barney Fife cop making things difficult and man, any sort of smooth sailing is next to impossible.

So we started out at 1pm, heading north on the remainder of 61, rolling in well after midnight in Minneapolis. Went through Midwestern beauties the likes, of, Hannibal (home of Mark Twain), Kiokuk, Dubuque, Quincy, Davenport, La Crosse, Winona, Red Wing and into South Minneapolis. Phew.

213. “Loans: $325 and up. Hannibal, Mo.”
214. “Tom and Huck. Hannibal, Mo.”
215. “Hotel Mark Twain. Hannibal, Mo.”
216. “Over the Big River to Illinois. Quincy, Ill.”
217. “Can’t get enough of those bridges. Quincy, Ill.”
218. “Sky Ride Catfish. Quincy, Ill.”
219. “You guys hiring? Quincy Paper Box Co. Quincy, Ill.”
220. “Bell. Quincy, Ill.”
221. “Hotel Elkton. Quincy, Ill.”

Not too much to say to “sum up the whole run” other than, “Went well,” and, “Can’t wait to do it again.” Oh and, “Real tired of Ryno.” Six days next to him in a rig could kill just about anyone.

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Its Keokuk. And you guys are making me homesick.

Posted by: nate on 10/31/05 at 9:17 AM

Yr lucky I didn’t take you out somewhere in Arkansas and leave you under one of those big bricks of cotton. fucker.

Posted by: ryno on 10/31/05 at 1:29 PM

Six days on the road with Draplin’ll tell you he clearly don’t know how to read a map. Sorry, riverdwellers…

Posted by: ryno on 11/01/05 at 4:23 PM
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