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October 14, 2005
DDC:GAA:FT: 10142005:L06:D31
Posted at 11:57 PM


Got up pretty early (for a change) and was on the road by 8:30 am.

Leaving. For points known and unknown. Finally.

- - - -

Hardest part of leaving the parental compound involved little Gary.

After much debate, and some “coming to my senses” about the little man and the upcoming travel, I decided to leave him behind, in the loving hands of mom and dad and Leah. Wasn’t easy. But, he’s better off there. This kind of driving, with the ugly stopping and going and going and stopping just isn’t fair to him. Hell, the majority of the time I’d be placing him back into his crate in the backseat, or, scrambling to corral him. Each time I’d stop, I’d feel bad if I had to leave him the in the rig. And hell, the thought of him all alone in the hotel while I was out doing whatever…well, not a good thought.

He’s doing really good there. He’s got Toby to play with and Zoe to keep him in line. Seems pretty happy too. Eating well and getting lots of love from the Draplin empire.

105. “Goodbye, little man.”

- - - -

After some finagling through the Chums Corners, I was headed down to Detroit. The colors were beautiful all the way down, especially in the Cadillac area. Surreal almost, with that morning sun coming up and giving them that “almost too bright” luster. Just what I needed.

106. “A fog hung low.”
107. “Tree canopy.”
108. “Bogart’s sign.”
109. “I’ve always loved this tree.”
110. “Colors.”
111. “I never get tired of this stuff.”

Took me about four hours to get down to Kurt’s house in Warren. Always good to see the little guy. Kurt’s “doing pretty good for himself” and well, that sort of news always puts some more wind in my sails. We’re both going at it “independent” and well, I’ll be damned if it ain’t a uphill battle.

We hit a copuple spots on the hunt for a new guitar. I’m in the market. It’s “that time” to settle something new. I bought my first acoustic back in 1996 and man, frets are buzzing and stuff. Just a crummy little Fender, and man, what mileage that thing has gotten me.

- - - -

Finally met up with parents and my sister for some din-din. At “TGIFriday’s” of all fuckin’ places. What a hunk of shit. On all levels.

01. The place is a circus.
02. The server wasn’t funny.
03. They sat us right next to the bathrooms. There’s just something awesome about watching folks race in, and then come out a couple minutes later. Eye contact, man.
04. The “entree” took forever…and of course, was worth a shit. Not surprising.

It was nice to see Uncle Kevin and Auntie Kim, as well as her dad who is getting better after some nasty bouts with cancer. Some people are so strong. Wow.

Rounded out the night with some tube and email checking back at little sister Sarah’s house.

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