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October 07, 2005
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Posted at 11:06 PM


It’s Friday and I’m laying out a page about upcoming snowboarding events. Goddammit.

- - - -

I admit it: I miss him. The little man. The Hund of Dachs. The Red One. The Little Asshole. Gary Shandling. “Goddammit, Gary.” Etc.

Mom is taking good care of him back in Michigan, much to my relief. A mountain of appreciation to them for their patience and guidance, in this trying time. I’ll take him off yer hands soon enough, upon my triumphant return. Thanks.


- - - -

Being the “week of green” that it is, I dabbled in some of the “mean green” myself and besides gettin’ kinda tired, didn’t feel shit. I was hoping to have some sort of vision quest, sans the sweat lodge and animal loins and stuff. But all I did was think a little extra, which, is trouble for a guy like myself. There’s a reason I don’t smoke the rope. Big whup.

Last time I got loaded on the stuff was in Alaska, in like ‘97 or something, way out in Girdwood. A couple of tramps were passin’ around some, uh, “herb” called the “Matanuska Thunderfuck,” and man, I had to partake. Matanuska Thunderfuck? How good is that one? Anyhoo, I got good and “baked” and had to pedal my bike a number of miles to the nearest convenience store to stock up on garbage.

And, I know some of you pricks have some comments regarding the last couple paragraphs, so, well, “Bring it on.”

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I myself have never tried a mary-huana cigarette, but I’ve definitely been tempted to. I grew up around it and have always enjoyed the smell, and it seems like a harmless thing, as mind-altering substances go.

I may give it a whirl someday, but I’ve heard mixed reviews. Some of my friends love it and some think it’s worthless and stupid. You seem to fall into the second camp, but I’ve got relatives that smoke ‘em like cigarettes all day long. I know that “it leads to harder things,” but a lot of my rap music heroes seem to enjoy it.

Posted by: PJ "Weed With Roots in Hell" Chmiel on 10/08/05 at 8:32 AM

I’ve always been under the impression that those who rely on drugs to “open up their mind” or “have fun” are clearly missing the point. There are more natural ways to get high, have fun, and/or expand your horizons - and none of them involve smoking weed.

I’ve had friends become hopelessly addicted to weed, to the point they are non-functional in society and mooch off everyone around them. I’ve also see friends make the mistake of switching to harder drugs because the weed doesn’t “do it for them anymore.”

The smartest thing to do is to never start in the first place.

Despite my hard-line view on drugs, I am of the opinion that we should make it legal and tax the shit out of it. Lastly, I’m reversing my opinion on tobacco. It’s a nasty, disgusting, highly-addictive habit. I feel pity for those addicted to the cig but I do not feel any compassion for those who claim they cannot quit. If others can quit, so can you.

Posted by: Cameron Barrett on 10/08/05 at 9:42 AM

I gave up soda pop.

Posted by: Kurt Halsey on 10/08/05 at 1:27 PM

aw, little feller. sounds like the garden gang shoulda been around for that one. tommy tomato, lisa lima-bean and green man would have been down for a massive jam session. crack some brews and let the tunes flow.

as for “vision quests”, lsd man.

Posted by: frank zuccini on 10/10/05 at 3:06 PM
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