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September 26, 2005
DDC:GAA:FT: 09262005:L02:D13
Posted at 11:05 PM


In case you were wondering:

072. “Colico, on the map.”

I think the best part of coming to Colico is the sets of stairs around town.

I mean, these things are old, but, are so modern, and efficient, and sort of defy space. I can’t get enough of the damn things. Amazing.

073. “The Stairs of Amazment, no.01”
074. “The Stairs of Amazment, no.02”

We’re settling into our new lives in Italy. The jetlag is somewhat under control. We’re making friends and learning words. No shit.

075. “George and Martino, in the trenches.”
076. “Foodcourt Gangsters: Lunch.”
077. “Casa Bella Claudia and Martino!”
078. “Little cars in a big valley.”

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Funny I cannot get enough of those damn stairs either. That is sweet!

Posted by: Benjamin Kinzer on 10/21/05 at 5:16 PM
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